Our Activities

As an Air Cadet, you will be given the opportunity to participate in many activities at the weekends and during school holidays!

Flying and Gliding!

In a few months you could be flying in one of these!gallerytutor

All cadets are given the opportunity to fly in one of the Air Cadets fleet of powered aircraft or gliders flown by current or retired RAF pilots, and the best bit is: You will get the chance to control and learn to fly the aircraft yourself!

Once you reach 16 you are able to apply for a gliding scholarship, where you will be given the chance to train to fly one of these gliders solo!

There are also flying scholarships available every year to enable cadets who are aiming for a career in aviation to train to fly up to PPL (Private Pilot License) standard.


As an Air Cadet you will be given the opportunity to participate in target shooting, supervised by qualified instructors.range

Initally you will be trained on the No 8 rifl by a weapons instructor as part of you initial training.

Once you are 14 you will also be given the opportunity to fire the L98 rifle.

Marksmanship badges are awarded once you achieve a certain score while shooting, there are 4 levels of Marksmanship badges:

  • Squadron Marksman
  • Wing Marksman
  • Region Marksman
  • Corps Marksman


As an Air Cadet you will get the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports including:

  • Football
  • Netball
  • Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Cross Country
  • Athletics
  • Swimming

You will get the opportunity to play at Inter-Squadron, Inter-Wing and Inter-Region level, and even represent the entire Air Cadet organisation!

Go on Camp!

Annual camp normally takes places during the summer holidays, you will get the chance to go away for a week and live on a RAF station, this will give you a chance to experience life on a militray base, eating in the mess and for those considering a career in the RAF there is a chance for work experience.

While there you will able do a wide variety of activities including:

  • Shooting
  • Flying/Gliding
  • Visiting the various sections on the base
  • Visits in the local area
  • Sport
  • Fieldcraft

There are also adventure training camps available at the adventure training centre at Llanbedr, where you are able to take part in a wide variety of adventure training activities.

For older cadets there is a chance to attend an overseas camp, currently there are two available; Rheindahlen in Germany and Cyprus. These camps enable you to take part in a wide variety of activities, with the added thrill of visiting places in a foreign country.


Fieldcraft is another activity that as an Air Cadet you will be given chance to participate in. Fieldcraft training consists of teaching you the skills necessary to survive in a field environment.

Skills you will learn include:gallery_camo

  • Field Cooking
  • Camoflage and Concealment
  • Stealth Movement
  • Use of Webbing
  • Construction of Shelters

Upon completing the training, you will be given the chance to take in part in day and nightime exercises.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Air Cadets is one of the largest authorities of the Duke of Edinburgh award and participation in the award is open to all cadets.

The award has three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. Normally you will stat at bronze level, but all levels can be persued within the Air Cadets.

Each level of the award consists of four sections (Gold has an addition section), all of which can be completed using Air Cadet activities:

  • Service – First Aid, Fund Raising
  • Skill – Aeronautics (classification training), Marksmanship
  • Physcal – Sports
  • Expedition – Adventure Training