WO Ian Jackson

Today 1223 Squadron said goodbye to WO Ian Jackson, our squadron warrant officer and longest serving member of staff. Cadets and staff from 1223 squadron were joined by cadets and staff from across No 1 Welsh Wing and members of the Royal British Legion to give him the send off he deserved.


WO Jackson served as 1223’s squadron Warrant Officer for over 20 years, long enough to see two members of the squadron join as cadets and then advance to become officer commanding.

He always encouraged the cadets, in his own unique way, to have the highest standards of discipline, dress and drill.  He was, without a doubt, the member of the staff on the squadron that the cadets held in the highest esteem. This was shown by the number of past cadets and staff that attended his funeral.

WO Jackson will always been remember by all those who have been cadets at 1223 and will be remembered for his legacy by future generations.

Tom Beach

Fg Off

Officer in Charge